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Kingsbridge Wealth Management is a multi-family office and investment firm, established to provide customized financial solutions for ultra-high-net-worth clients. Formed in 2008 during the financial crisis, Kingsbridge seeks to build client relationships that help navigate the complexities of wealth.

Although the term “family office” may be used by various types of financial advisors, brokerage firms, or large banks, most do not provide the strategic financial support to provide true family office functions. Many do not offer bill payment, philanthropic support, or the willingness to analyze outside investment opportunities that may be of interest to our clients. Additionally, these advisors are often limited in their abilities by the products and services offered by their institutions. ​

Our goal is to consistently provide timely advice, an objective perspective, and ultimately, improved decision-making. As a multi-family office and investment firm, we strive to understand each client’s financial situation and family dynamics in such depth that we function as part of each family’s financial infrastructure. As an independent investment advisor, we are free to source the best solution for each client’s unique situation.

Our History

While forming Kingsbridge Wealth Management, we spoke directly with our clients and asked, “What services are you looking for from a family office?” The answers were beneficial to creating the robust firm that exists today. In addition to traditional asset management, our clients also benefit from estate planning and administration, tax planning, record keeping, philanthropy, and overall coordination of their financial infrastructure. ​

“We are objective. We don’t distribute a bundle of products; instead, we seek highly customized, situation-specific solutions for each client based on individual lifestyle and cash flow goals.”

“Kingsbridge Wealth Management takes the traditional multi-family office concept a step further: We work for our clients, not for a firm. This powerful philosophy permeates everything we do.”

David J. Dunn, President, Kingsbridge Wealth Management


What is a Family Office?

A family office is an organization and staff set up by a wealthy family to manage all aspects of the family’s wealth. A single-family office manages the personal and financial affairs of just one family.

A multi-family office serves multiple high-net-worth individuals or families, which provides an opportunity to share costs and economies of scale in addition to professional wealth management.  Additionally, a multi-family office has the added advantage of gaining experience by working with multiple families, which allows for a broader knowledge of skills and expertise.


Just as no two families are alike, family offices may vary in their roles and structures. However, there a several core features and functions that are common among family offices, such as managing and coordinating investments, tax planning, estate planning, and lifestyle management. Kingsbridge Wealth Management provides these functions but may also provide other services that are tailored to each family’s financial dynamics, such as:

  • Consolidation of investment management and reporting
  • Thorough screening and due diligence of investments
  • Creation of a decision framework for ongoing financial decisions
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Tax planning and review
  • Philanthropy management
  • Bill payment
  • Personal record keeping
  • Education and training for the next generation of heirs


By offering a wide array of services, we strive to simplify the complexities of wealth by providing a holistic view of the overall financial picture. Our team is composed of various financial professionals, which allows for depth of expertise and seamless integration and coordination. Our customized approach to each client allows for implementation and execution of even the most complex financial strategies.

Are You Ready for a Family Office?

  • Recent transition of new wealth/liquidity
  • Loss of key personnel, who had previously handled financial tasks
  • Estate planning & tax planning have become more complex
  • Change in circumstance requires new financial strategy



We provide asset allocation planning and investment management with internal and external management of traditional asset classes, as well as proprietary access to alternative investments.

Our clients also benefit from consolidated asset management and reporting as well as outside advisor coordination.

Our flat-fee pricing is straightforward and eliminates conflicts of interest.


Kingsbridge Wealth Management is small by design. We believe a limited client base allows for a robust relationship with each family and enhances our ability to be proactive and make a significant impact toward improved decision-making.

Working with multiple families allows us to share experience and knowledge with all of our clients, to create tailored solutions for each unique situation.


We build or allocate to highly customized, situation specific solutions for each client, based on each client’s unique circumstances. We seek to simplify complex issues and provide creative solutions.

Our services have played a critical role in liquidity events such as:

  • Sale of an operating business
  • Concentrated stock positions
  • Liquidity after Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Divorce
  • Estate and succession planning


David Dunn
Chief Investment Officer

David Dunn

Senior Vice President


David Dunn

Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

David Dunn

Diane Reynolds

Senior Associate


Greg Linton

Senior Associate

David Dunn

Maggie Irving

Executive Assistant


Why Do I Need A Family Office?

The Family Office Advantage In today’s world, there is a myriad of sources from which one can individually acquire knowledge and assistance in pursuit of better investing performance. Whether it’s online brokers, trading platforms, and [...]

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