Administrative Services

Kingsbridge understands the true extent of the administrative responsibilities that are required to manage one’s wealth comprehensively. Our range of administrative services in this area allows us to manage many of these responsibilities for you, thus relieving you of this task and ultimately freeing up time and energy to focus on more important and enjoyable activities.

Our administrative services offer efficient back-office assistance in a customized manner, such that it optimally fits your specific situation and requirements. Organization is a crucial contributor to long-term financial success—and that means maintaining meticulous records over long periods. Our record-keeping services give our clients much-needed peace of mind when it comes to overseeing tax-return preparation, the safekeeping of important documents, and other financial transactions or records.

Our systematic, highly efficient bill payment system organizes your designated bills and provides records for safekeeping. Our transparent systems and reporting services allow you to approve the bills to be paid and keep you fully apprised of all bill payment activity.