Family Office Investment Management Services

As a multi-family office, Kingsbridge provides highly customized financial solutions and investment management services for each of our clients. In practice, this means that we have sufficiently robust frameworks in place to make financial investing decisions based on your specific goals and risk tolerance on a consistent basis and ultimately bring your desired portfolio goals to reality.

Our deep knowledge and expertise across a wide array of complex investment strategies allow us to provide you with customized asset management strategies based on your specific goals and risk tolerance. Our highly skilled team of experienced investment professionals enables us to confidently and successfully implement even the most complex strategy.

We serve as the objective partner for your unique investing needs, always ensuring that our investment decisions are beneficial to your portfolio’s long-term performance. Our investment management services encompass a broad range of asset classes and sub-asset classes for which meticulous, detailed due diligence is always conducted. We also place considerable focus on tax-efficient planning and other management activities we deem necessary to effectively manage your assets.

At Kingsbridge, we recognize that an effective investment management strategy demands a deep understanding of many essential factors. Effective portfolio construction, combined with rigorous risk management and detailed performance reporting on a consistent basis, forms the solid foundations of our investment management services. Most importantly, we tailor our approach to confirm investing strategies are firmly aligned with your risk and after-tax return goals, along with any additional preferences you may have.

We also ensure that we always operate in line with your personal values—whether they relate to wealth, investing, family dynamics, or charitable giving—we are fully committed to promoting your legacy, vision, and values as you deem appropriate.