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Who We Serve

What is a Family Office?

A multi family office serves multiple high net worth individuals and families which reduces the costs associated with operating a single family office for professional wealth management, while also offering a better range of cross functional skills and expertise.

Our services reflect direct conversations with our clients who have asked for assistance with not only asset management and investments but also with managing their overall financial infrastructure, such as trusts, taxes and estate plans.

Family office services are valuable in situations such as:

  • A recent transition of new wealth/liquidity
  • A loss of key personnel who had previously handled financial tasks
  • An increase in the complexity of estate and tax planning
  • A change in circumstance that requires a new financial strategy or
    succession plan
  • A family event such as divorce, retirement or death

Tailored Solutions

What we do

Just as no two families are alike, the services we provide vary by each situation and are designed to be flexible and tailored to your needs. We coordinate, and organize all of the aspects of your financial infrastructure, in order to save time & mitigate stress.

  • Managing and coordinating investments
  • Tax planning
  • Trust & Estate planning
  • Lifestyle management
  • Consolidated reporting of across all asset classes
  • Thorough screening and due diligence of investments
  • Creation of a decision framework for ongoing financial decisions
  • Philanthropy management
  • Personal record keeping
  • Education and training for the next generation of heirs