Tax-Planning Services

We all aim to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns from our investments. Tax costs, however, can significantly erode the value of investments and wealth. We have also entered unprecedented times in recent years regarding amendments to tax regulations and compliance.

As such, the tax function of a family office needs to be more intricate and flexible than ever before, which means that it has never been more important to meticulously plan well in advance to minimize the potential impact that taxes could have on your wealth.

As a family office, Kingsbridge is uniquely positioned to serve our clients when it comes to providing tax-planning services. We leverage our experience and expertise across many tax-sensitive situations, working closely with your tax professionals to deliver the most effective solutions for your circumstances.

We take a proactive approach, reviewing the factors contributing to the taxes you pay while looking for planning opportunities to meet your tax obligation efficiently. We utilize analytical tax modeling to identify solutions for you under various scenarios.

We also coordinate and assist in annual tax filings and can prepare periodic tax payments, thus relieving you of the obligation of having to track and present necessary documentation when required.