Family Wealth Transfer

For many families, ensuring that their wealth is maintained for future generations stands among their highest priorities. At Kingsbridge, we recognize the importance of having the opportunity to convey your family’s legacy and values to succeeding generations.

We aim to provide you with a centralized point of stewardship for this process, as well as a conduit through which families can strive to achieve consensus over complex matters concerning their wealth. We work with our clients to maximize the benefits of family wealth transfer, ensuring that you can avoid the many pitfalls that potentially stand in the way of this transfer and always your family’s financial legacy.

With this in mind, matters related to succession are not always straightforward. For instance, many of our clients utilize trusts to ensure their assets’ privacy, continuity, and safety for current and future generations. However, maintaining and administering these legal structures be challenging, with careful planning required to account for the various governance and succession issues that inevitably emerge through the generations.

As such, Kingsbridge’s rigorous estate-planning approach seeks to navigate through such complexities and to provide assurance that we are preserving your wealth and family cohesion for the long term. This approach typically involves:

  • Conducting a formal review of your documentation
  • Devising a plan that aligns with how exactly you wish to create your legacy. For example, we can discuss various family governance options that will ultimately facilitate smooth transitions across successful generations
  • Consistently maintaining an open line of communication with you to keep discussions ongoing and ensure we execute your wishes as planned

We also provide education and advice for the next generation of heirs to help prepare them to become successful beneficiaries. Some of the topics we have covered include budgeting, basic investment management, taking on a role in management or at the board level, and philanthropic giving.