About Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge Wealth Management, Inc. was founded in 2008 as a multi-family office and investment adviser focused on building trust and adding value to our client and partner relationships.

Since inception, Kingsbridge has been evolving and innovating as we work with our clients to navigate a rapidly changing world.

In 2009 Kingsbridge formed our first investment partnership, and began managing Private Investment Funds for our multi-family office clients.

Today Kingsbridge Wealth Management, Inc. has expanded to provide the following services:

Family Office Services

  • Full stack financial infrastructure for Ultra-High- Net Worth Individuals and Families
  • Investment Management and Asset Allocation
  • Wealth Planning
  • Tax, Trust, Estate and Philanthropic Planning
  • Administration, reporting and record keeping
  • Concierge and Lifestyle Services
Kingsbridge Wealth Management

Private Fund Management

  • Investment Management for “Qualified Purchasers” and Institutional Investors
  • Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP
  • Kingsbridge Ventures
  • Please visit KingsbridgeAlts.com for more information on our Private Fund Management
Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP

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Why Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge Wealth Management takes the traditional multi-family office concept a step further:
We work for our clients, not for a firm. This powerful philosophy permeates everything we do.

Kingsbridge Wealth Management was established as a multi-family office to fulfill the needs of our ultra high net worth clients. Multi-family offices in general provide a comprehensive approach to a client’s financial picture, providing investment solutions as well as record keeping, philanthropy and mission support, education, succession planning, and lifestyle services. In contrast to a single family office, multi-family offices are less costly than single family offices, yet provide access to similar resources, and a wide array of services.

We understand that complexity often accompanies substantial wealth. We strive to simplify these complexities in order to meet our clients’ goals. We are objective. We don’t distribute a bundle of products; instead, we seek highly customized, situation-specific solutions for each client based on individual lifestyle and cash flow goals. We coordinate activity amongst multiple service providers and negotiate cost savings with third parties for the benefit of our clients. Most importantly, if we cannot find the appropriate solution to a client’s need, we will build one internally. Our flat-fee pricing is straightforward and eliminates conflicts of interest.

Why Kingsbridge

Our goal is to become our clients’ trusted advisor by consistently providing timely advice, an objective perspective and ultimately, improved decision-making. We strive to understand each client’s financial situation in such depth that we function as part of each family’s financial infrastructure. We can only fulfill that role through a truly meaningful relationship with our clients. As a result, Kingsbridge Wealth Management is small by design: our firm is structured to provide extensive value to a limited client base and promote a single point of contact for every need. We provide Investments, Ingenuity and Insight to each and every family we serve.


The depth and breadth of our principals’ background in investment management results in an extensive knowledge base and a more nuanced understanding of client needs and dynamics. We provide asset allocation planning and investment management with internal management of the following asset classes:

  • Fixed income – municipal bonds
  • Equities – indexation
  • Alternatives- multi strategy

We also provide in-depth manager due diligence, search and selection in all investment asset classes and sub-asset classes.


We build or allocate to highly customized, situation specific solutions for each client, based on lifestyle and cash flow goals. We seek to simplify complex issues and provide creative solutions. We can assist in wealth transfer, family meetings & education, tax planning and administrative services. Our services have played a critical role in liquidity events, estate & succession planning, divorce, concentrated stock positions, property management, information aggregation and outside advisor coordination.


Kingsbridge Wealth Management is small by design. We believe a limited client base promotes a robust and meaningful relationship with each family and enhances our ability to be proactive and make a significant impact toward improved decision-making.


David J. Dunn

David J. Dunn

CIMA® CPWA®  President | Chief Investment Officer

Certified Investment Management Analyst SM
Certified Private Wealth Advisor SM

David J. Dunn is the President and Founder of Kingsbridge Wealth Management, Inc. David is the General Partner and portfolio manager of five private investment funds, including the Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, LP which began in 2009.

Martin Orton

Martin Orton, CFP®

Senior Vice President

Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner

Martin Orton, CFP® is the head of operations for Kingsbridge Wealth Management, and manages all trading, back office support, and processing functions for the firm.

Kerri Dunn

Kerri Dunn

Executive Vice President

Chief Operating Officer

Kerri Dunn is the co-founder of Kingsbridge Wealth Management, a registered investment adviser, and the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Briene Eslinger

Briene Eslinger

Assistant Vice President

Brienne Eslinger, CPA leads the accounting, tax and audit reporting functions at Kingsbridge Wealth Management.

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Kingsbridge – Las Vegas Office

Kingsbridge – Las Vegas Office

1140 N. Town Center Drive
Suite 340, Las Vegas, NV 89144
p. 702-947-5160 | email: info@kwm.us.com